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Learn more about omnichannel

For years, marketeers have sought to understand the value of customers' online behavior and how it affects footfall and action in-store.

At Google, it's been a key strategic priority to develop solutions to better understand and measure the impact of digital engagement. Today, Google is considered a global leader in Omnichannel Measurement & Advertising Solutions and we're constantly expanding our suite of offerings. 

During the session I will share Google's latest vision and thoughts about how to tackle the omnichannel challenge and introduce advertising & measurement solutions that will help marketeers on their way to become truly "omnichannel".

Please notice this session will be in english


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Tanja Winterberg, Omnichannel Lead, Google Denmark


Tanja is a specialist in Omnichannel Marketing, focusing on Google's broadly available omnichannel measurement and ad solutions.

Within that scope, Tanja works primarily with the largest Retail businesses in Denmark, but also has an in-depth understanding of the omnichannel challenge for smaller retailers, as well as for other industries, such as Telecommunications or Automotive.

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